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Dubstep Instrument Rack Presets / Patches for Ableton Live Vol 2

$ 14.95 $ 24.95

SoundBank / Soundset contains 31 Ultra Heavy Dubstep Presets / Patches for Ableton Live Suite which Utilize the Operator and Analog Synths

Heavy Nasty Gritty Dirty Dubstep Presets / Patches for Ableton Live. Bring your Dubstep Tracks to the next level with the most up to the minute throbbing bass heavy sounds around. Crush speakers and melt Subs with these Colossal and Brutal sounds. Wobble Basses, Heavy Subs and Lazer Lead Basses round out this Bass heavy pack of Patches that will bring your Dark Dirty Dubstep to the top. Raise your output to the level of the world's most popular performers, such as Datsik, Skrillex, Excision, Doctor P, Downlink and more.

SoundSet Download Contains:

31 Deep Dark Nasty Basses, Wobbles and Lead Bass Instrument Rack Patches / Presets

All Presets / Patches in this SoundBank take full use of the Instrument Rack's 8 Macro controls all programmed and ready for easy manipulation. Instrument Rack Patches / Presets take full use of all Ableton Live's powerful synths, including Operator and Analog

**this product contains NO loops or samples, just Instrument Rack presets for use with Ableton Live**

*** Ableton Live SUITE required - version 8.2.2 or higher***
works with MAC or Windows PC

After purchase, you will be directed to and emailed a download link. If you have any problems, just email us and we will get your purchase to you quickly...

Dubstep Presets for NI Massive Volume 2 --- All Bass Presets

1. Battle Cry 2. Circle Up 3. Clipperhead 4. Creepers 5. Downtown 6. Franknbeans 7. Fried 8. GrainTable 9. Higher n Higher 10. Industrial Machine 11. Klaxer 12. Map of Tazmania 13. March Madness 14. Play Me Also 15. Racoon 16. Rottun Tomato 17. Rusty 18. Sanmich 19. Skrill-tex 20. Slammer 21. Slasher 22. Sledgehammer 23. Slicer 24. Sprites 25. Trap Door 26. UKFKFKF 27. Vector Vector 28. Vocal Mash 29. Vocal Stash 30. Wombat